About the author

What do I say to summarize myself?  I’m a middle-aged grandmother who is pursuing a degree in biomedical informatics.  I am a giant geek and proud of it!  I am also a big ol’ butch lesbian and proud of that too!  I am black and I’m proud.  I’m an American and glad to be one.

I am passionate and opinionated thus this blog.  My first love is writing, thus this blog.

My passions are science, skepticism, politics, academic achievement, chess, D&D (well, Pathfinder now that D&D is a miniatures game)jazz, blues and classical music and the movement for queer people, in all our form and splendor, to become folded into the umbrella that we call ‘citizen’.

Politically I am a Rawlsian and Darwinian Liberal (if you don’t know what that is, keep reading my blog, I’ll write about it one day) and a reluctant Democratic voter most times.  But I’m not a doctrinaire liberal.  I hold positions that get me in trouble on the Left–my spirited defense of Enlightenment rationalism being just one example.

I live in Portland, OR with my wife, the love of my life for whom I strive to be the woman I see reflected in her eyes when she says “I love you”.  We have three cats, a bearded dragon, a fish and an Old English sheepdog.


All opinions expressed on this blog are mine and do not reflect those of my employer.

2 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Just came across your article today that a very dear and special friend sent to me a while back. He stated that he knew you way back when and spoke very highly of you. He said in many ways we are a lot alike and I told him that wasn’t Fair to you since you weren’t able to defend yourself!😁 Anyway, not sure if you even remember him, Adam Mathewson, or not, or if you are even aware, he passed away from cancer last year. He was my best friend, my light when I couldn’t find a way out, the one that was always there to quiet the voices in my head telling me I was no good. Even to his last day on this earth, he wanted to make sure I was OK. We all someone like that.

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